21 April 2018

Andrew W.K - You're Not Alone

Andrew W.K. is quite possibly one of the happiest men in the world! Or at the very least, one of the most positive individuals that you’ll ever find on this sphere going through space.  When he first burst on the scene with I Get Wet, his blood-stained face was everywhere.  You couldn't go anywhere without hearing “Party Hard”, it seemed like he was about to take over the world.  Since then, he has (unfairly) been deemed a one-hit wonder in the UK, subsequent albums were largely ignored and the world had moved forward. And that is a shame when you think about it.

o, what did Andrew W.K. do whilst the world ignored him?  He kept on doing his own thing, and rightly so!  He’s not stopped playing gigs, he’s been an agony uncle, his Facebook & Twitter feeds are full of positivity.  And most importantly, he’s never stopped partying.  Whether you love or hate his music, you should doth your cap to him.  To keep on your chosen path and being true to yourself, that is the dream and he’s certainly living it!

You’re Not Alone is Andrew W.K.'s seventh studio album, it's also his first since 55 Cadillac & Gundam Rock in 2009. The momentum behind You're Not Alone before its release was strong.  Since its release, that momentum has continued, as its gained a life of its own.  Before I give my opinion of the record, I want to note that I love the fact that this album is reaching so many people. You can see that by the way people are connecting, the reaction it's received has been uplifting.  However, when it all comes down to the nitty-gritty, it’s all down to the music.  You can be the nicest person in the world, but if the music is not up to scratch, then all that positivity would be for nothing.  So, is You’re Not Alone any good?

You’re Not Alone represents the serious side of Andrew W.K., the counterbalance to the all-out, gung-ho party animal of his earlier works.  Much like his earlier albums, there is little to no deviation musically on this album.  All the songs are powerful numbers, in major keys with hard synths, shout-along chorus sections, loud guitars and so much hope that it sometimes becomes too much.  The main subject matter is connections, realising that there are people to reach out to.  It's about never to isolate yourself and whilst life can be hard, it can be fun at the same time.  I love that, it’s so beautiful and inspiring that it would feel like kicking a puppy criticising that uplifting message.

However, I’m not blind to the flaws on this record.  Firstly, if you didn’t like Andrew W.K. before, this might not change that opinion. As mentioned earlier, it’s another album of similar sounding songs.  Whilst all the songs aren't all in the same key, they share a similar structure and that's always been his Achilles heel.  Also, it's a little too long, fewer songs would have made this a tighter record. 

What I cannot deny though, is how positive this record sounds.  It's so infectious, so uplifting and life-affirming.  Whilst Andrew W.K. is all about the party, but he never tells you what should be your own "party".  Once you've figured out what that is, what makes you happy, what is your own "party", You're Not Alone makes so much sense.

Maybe you should try it, maybe it will be the album to change your opinion, maybe it needs to be on repeat when you’re down.  I can only speak for myself, but after a pretty shit time recently, this record has made my outlook on life a lot happier over the last few days. Ultimately, You’re Not Alone is one of the brightest spots in 2018, a high note in his career and a joy to behold. Keep on partying!

8 out of ten – Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my time, money and heart.

Top track - The Party Never Dies

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20 April 2018

Shame - Songs of Praise

The first I've heard of Shame was late last year, probably around October.  I got a message telling me to listen to Shame, comparing them to what an emo band would sound like if they had been brought up on Fugazi and Compulsion.  To coin a phrase, I was coloured intrigued at that point.  A short backstory - Songs of Praise is the debut album of South London Shame.  They have been courted by the press over the last few months, which reached fever pitch in January when Songs of Praise was released.  They have sold out venues up and down the country, they've toured America gaining fans on the other side of the pond and will be heading out for another headline tour of the UK later in the year.  All things at this point seem to be coming up with roses, but is the praise deserved?

Shame can best be described as a quintessential English Indie band, that have some Americanisms in their style.  You can hear so many other bands in their sound, but with a huge amount of their own style.  You can hear the work of Fugazi, Pavement, Henry Rollins and other American artists (either directly or indirectly), as well as a sound akin to bands like Compulsion, Placebo and the hard biting words of people like Frank Carter and other angry people with lots to say.  This is an angry album for an angry time, there are seeds of discontent within these songs and it’s not an album that you can relax with ease.

Starting with “Dust on the Trail”, the band sound almost gothic in places with that harrowing sound to their guitars, this theme is revisited on “The Lick”, a dark and sinister rant against the world.  Even the ending of this album is a moody number, “Angie” is a number that has a comedown feeling to it, making you wonder if anything is ever going to go right for anyone. However, for the most part, this is an energetic and vibrant album.  Songs like the majestic “Concrete”, the riff-smasher “Donk” and the epic “Gold Hole” are all world beaters.  It’s a true surprise to hear an album so composed being displayed by a band that is so young and not very far into their journey/career.

Songs of Praise is a brilliant debut album, a fantastic record that will have other bands wondering why they didn’t think of these songs before.  It’s an album by a band who are hungry for success, who have a fire in their belly and that is never something that can be reproduced artificially.  So, why have I given it an eight, why not a higher mark?  Well, to be honest, I originally gave it a nine, but somehow it felt wrong.  This could turn out to be one of my records of the year, but I’ll have to wait and see about that.  Songs of Praise is as good a debut as any band could ever hope for.  If this is their high-water mark, then the band cannot complain to be honest, as this is thirty-nine minutes of aggressive indie/punk rock that hits the spot.

8 out of ten  - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my time, money and heart

Top track – Concrete

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19 April 2018

Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

Hot Snakes first came to my attention via my love of Rocket From The Crypt, but soon I feel for their spiky charms which are intoxicating if I'm honest.  Anything that John Reis is doing, I tend to check out.  Formed in 1999 and originally lasting till 2005, Hot Snakes features the talents of Rick Froberg, John Reis Gar Wood, Jason Kourkounis & Mario Rubalcaba.  They are a Post-Hardcore act with members having already played in Drive Like Jehu, Pitchfork, The Night Marchers, Obits and many more.  So, even before you hear a note from this band, they've already got heritage and a CV which would make most other artists seem lazy.  Released in the early part of 2018, Jericho Sirens was released via Sub Pop, it is also their first album since 2004's Audit in Progress.  It has been a long time coming, especially since they got back together in 2011.  The fans have been hungry for this record, but how has it turned out?

Jericho Sirens can best be described as high-octave, fast tempo, aggressive surfer, hardcore punk-rock-arama fun!  There is no let up over the thirty-one minutes that comprise the duration of Jericho Snakes, it’s a wham-bam-thank-you-mam type of record. You’re not going to search for this album when looking for ballads, you’re only going to look for this album when you want to stomp around and pogo.  From the infectious “I Need A Doctor”, the smash/grab heartbeat of “Have Another?” to the brooding ending of “Death of a Sportsman”, Hot Snakes have proven beyond any doubt that when they’re on fire, nothing can touch them.

Are there any issues?  Well, if your looking for variation, then you might want to look elsewhere.  This is a straightforward album which does not deviate from that pre-ordained path, with that path being the pursuit of fast & furious Hardcore/Rock & Roll.  Hot Snakes play to their collective strengths, they don’t show any of their weaknesses and they keep everything simple.  So, it all depends on how you view the style of music they are releasing.  Jericho Sirens is designed to make you move, if this is not your cup of tea, then they really won’t care.  That is the sign of a band who know exactly who they are and what they should be doing.  If you love surf-influenced Post-Hardcore Punk Rock, you would be a fool to ignore this album.

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my time, money and heart

Top track - I Need A Doctor

You can purchase Jericho Sirens on Amazon here.

9 April 2018

The Breeders - All Nerve

Anything Kim Deal releases will always be followed by the phrase, "formerly of The Pixies".  This is something that she is never going to escape, but I do think that it does The Breeders a disservice.  I've always had a soft spot for The Breeders, even if their discography has been hit and miss at best.  Kim Deal has always had something interesting to say, usually quite loudly and with a lot of swearing.  All Nerve is the first album from The Breeders in nine-year, as well as being the first album by the classic Last Splash line-up in twenty-five years.  There was a buzz about this release before it was released on March 2nd, 2018.  But since it's been released, it's sort of fell off the radar a bit.  Not too sure if that is because of the usual pre-album hype that comes from any release, or if it's a poor record.  I'll admit that I'm a bit wary of All Nerve.  Any time a classic line-up gets back together, there is the possibility of a fall from grace.  But, there is also the chance of a gold return, so what will it be?

All Nerve is not Last Splash part 2, which is a very good thing.  The last thing that The Breeders needed was to try to focus on past glories.  If this album had have contained a song called "Cannonball 2", I think it would have smacked of desperation.  What The Breeders have done though is play to their strengths, hide their weaknesses and released a slow, brooding record.  Songs such as "Howl At The Summit", "Skinhead #2" are sludge-like, you have small pockets of energy in the forms of "Nervous Mary" and "Archangel Thunderbird" which will have their fans pogoing like it's the 90's.  My favourite song is "All Nerve", it has that classic Breeders tone, their stop-start chorus and verse and it has love at its core.  I would also give a shout out to "Meta-Goth", it sounds like a tribute to the sound of Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Smiths, an electric version of This Mortal Coil and a hint of The Pixies as well.

However, there are a few issues with this album.  The first six songs are clearly stronger than the later five, you can hear the drop quite loudly.  Also, the momentum of the record never really kicks out of second gear.  As good as these songs sound, the ordering just frustrates the listener so much, which knocks it down a mark or two.  However - and this is a big however - this is a nostalgia trip without actually playing the nostalgia card.  It's not aiming for this, but that is one of the by-products of All Nerve.  Anytime that I hear Kim Deal, I'm taken back to my youth as that voice helped define a great period of my life.  I like the fact that The Breeders are still releasing records, all bands should strive to do this, but this is only a decent album at best.  I still think that there is still more to come from The Breeders, this cannot be the full stop, can it?

6 out of ten - Now, I see where you're going, but it's not quite there.

Top track - All Nerve

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3 April 2018

The Temperance Movement - A Deeper Cut

The Temperance Movement have slowly, but ever so surely, been making a little niche for themselves in the UK music scene.  Since starting with their self-titled debut, their cult-like status has grown to the point where they are starting to break out of the club circuit and hit the bigger venues in the UK.  This can partly be put down to the musical pedigree in the band, with members having previously worked with the likes of Feeder, The Waterboys, Jamiroquai and many more.  It can also be put down to the fact that their debut and the second album, White Bear, have been so warmly received by their fans.  I would love to say at this point that I’ve been a fan since the beginning, but that would be a lie.  They were a name that I’ve seen a lot, but I’ve let pass me by.

So, in true ATTIWLTMOWOS style, I’m starting with the difficult third album, A Deeper Cut.  Released in February 2018, A Deeper Cut made the top ten in the UK music charts, which is quite an achievement for a Rock band in this day and age (sadly).  So, how has this record turned out?  A Deeper Cut is, to be frank, one of the best Southern American Rock album you’ll ever hear, without originality from across the pond.  Every song on this record is a killer cut, I cannot single any out for being sub-par because there is nothing sub-par about this album.  Each track is as different as the next, you have the ballad/heartbreakers such as the title track, “Another Spiral” & “Children” which will make grown men weep openly.  You have the stompers in the form of “Caught In The Middle”, “Love & Devotion” and many others – it’s such a quality record.

From beginning to end, A Deeper Cut takes all the experiences that The Temperance Movement have encountered, built on it and released a monster!  I’ve never been so excited about a traditional Rock album in such a long time, it has that special factor which makes music my all-time passion.  A Deeper Cut is a contender for the album of the year, it’s that damn good.

10 out of ten – This is proof that there is a Deity

Top Track – Children

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31 March 2018

Joe Satriani - What Happens Next

Joe Satriani is a living legend. When it comes to guitar playing, genre-defining and creating a back catalogue of legendary rock music, his only peers are Messrs Vai and Zappa.  If you're reading this, I'm going to have to assume that you already know about all of his legendary activities through the years.  When you have already achieved the status of guitar god, each release you bring out is bound to be broken down into minute details, every note is explored in depth and focused on to the nth degree.  What Happens Next was released in January 2018, this is his sixteenth studio album and it features the talents of Glenn Hughes and Chad Smith behind him.  As far as three pieces go, that's a damn impression line up and make no mistakes about it.  With this line-up, coupled together with producer Mike Fraser, you have a huge amount of potential  So, legendary guitarist, gigantic rock line-up, Deity-like producer, what could go wrong?

Nothing much, if you look just on the surface of this record.  If I was to go into detail about every single song, like I always do, then this would be an incredible repetitive post.  So, I'll reduce the work down to a few paragraphs instead.  What Happens Next is the tightest Satriani album I've heard, Messrs Smith and Hughes are the perfect backing unit for this outfit.  Each song, whether it be a slow or fast or hard rocking number, is played to a clinical perfect that you would expect from the musicians involved.  I applaud that, I appreciate the sound and craftsmanship of the artists involved with this record.

The thing about What Happens Next though is that it doesn't feel like a surprise by the end of it.  I wasn't shocked that it's a good record, I wasn't taken aback at the pace or found a solo I wasn't expecting.  By its very nature, this is one of the safest albums that Joe Satriani has ever produced.  It's not boring (unless you hate instrumental rock, then it's not for you), but it's not a wild ride either.  If you're already converted to the cause, much like myself, you'll love this.  But it's not for outsiders, it's not for the kids who want things to have sparkles and synth meltdowns.  It's for people who want the guitar to sing, which they shall receive and a whole lot more.  This album delivers exactly what people expect, it sounds really good and personally I like it, but I'm not buzzing when it finishes.

7 out of ten - This is good and worth checking out

Top track - Catbot

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30 March 2018

VETO - 16 Colors

VETO is a Danish indie rock band from Aarhus in Denmark, they formed in 2004 and according to Wikipedia have released four albums before the release of 16 Colors (five if you look at allmusic.com).  I've not heard anything by VETO before, but the cover of the album caught my attention.  The featureless blue face, surrounded by a vibrant coloured border (this article might get confusing, with two different spellings of the word "colour/color"), it is sort of terrifying as there is nothing recognisable on the cover.  But that is part of the mystery, which also makes this album a perfect candidate for our Cover Roulette feature!  For new people, I pick an album to review based on the cover alone.  The strange image on the cover of 16 Colors intrigues me, there is so much mystery to this album from the outset.  So, let's find out how this album has turn out......

01 - 16 Colors

Launching 16 Colors with its title track, which is a cross between the sound of Neu!, the drive of Depeche Mode, the punk drumming of The Hives and it all comes together in one intense opening.  The vocals sound as if they have been lifted from a different era,  adding a depth to VETO that makes this opening breathtaking.

02 - Measures

"Measures" starts with a funky bassline, ethereal synth effects and a rather pleasant sound, but this all changes at the halfway point of the song.  The synth rises like a siren, the drums slow and it all becomes rather dramatic.  Singer Troels Abrahamsen sings as if his heart is in peril, the band play as if the room is falling apart and they are playing for their lives, it's a brilliant song that keeps on giving.

03 - A Pit

"A Pit" starts off slowly with an atmospheric guitar sound, little drumming and a focused drive that gives a psychedelic feeling to this album.  It has a hint of Depeche Mode to the song, with strings galore on "A Pit".  It has a cinematic quality to the music, one which is hard to shake long after the song has finished.

04 - Mount Doom

"Mount Doom" in comparison to "A Pit" is a restrained beast, a song that feels as if the message behind the lyrics is more important than the music.  There is a catchy feeling to this number, the way the rhythm grabs your attention is so subtle and I can't get it out of my head.  This song is the sleeper hit of 16 Colors, it grows with each spin and I reckon it'll be a killer moment in their live set.

05 - One-Eyed and Dying

"One-Eyed & Dying" is a bass heavy track, one that has a dangerous tone, a primal sound.  There is a swagger to the music, one which is not easy to put your finger on.  To be honest, at times it feels like it could fall apart at any given moment, but it keeps it together and comes out shining!  Add this to the good pile, it's another cracking song from VETO here!

06 - Excited

"Excited" is the first song on the album which slows everything down to a deliberate crawl, given every note space to breath and the effect is breathtaking.  "Excited" is a haunting number, one which uses subtly to drive its point home.  You have to give this one time, it's not as immediate as the other tracks, but it's worth the effort in the end.

07 - Oh Center

Sounding like the love child of Depeche Mode and Bloc Party, "Oh Center" is one of the crowning glories of 16 Colors.  VETO use the synth to maximum effect here, but it's the guitar which is given the chance to shine on "Oh Center".  It feels as if it's been let off its leash.  I love the tone, I love the lyrics, I love the mad feeling to the music, it's a brilliant song!

08 - I Am Here

"I Am Here" is a messy little number, it comes to life with a slow piece of feedback, then the bass picks up the pace, short followed by more feedback and noise.  It never seems to settle down, but it still sounds good in the context of the album.  Basically, it's the weakest track of 16 Colors, but let's look at it this way.  If the weakest track of 16 Colors is still a good song, how strong must the others be!!!!

09 - Square Shaped

"Square Shaped" takes the same route as "Excited", slowly everything down and keeping it simple.  "Square Shaped" is a bass and guitar based number, for the most part, with a gentle sound to the music.  It's a beautiful number and to be honest, I think it should have been swapped for the next song to end the album.

10 - The Take/The Pace

"The Take/The Pace" is a final bolt of thunder, the sound of the party being played to the very end with all their passion and power on display.  This song struts when others have taken a little longer, being delivered at a measured pace.  This is still one of my favourite numbers, one of the best songs on the record once again, but I still think they should have ended on "Square Shaped".

VETO for me are the natural successors to the sound that was pioneered by Depeche Mode on Songs of Faith & Devotion.  16 Colors is the perfect combination of Alternative Rock, Electronica and Dark Pop.  Whilst there are elements of other artists in their sound, VETO have a sound all of their own, one which is enthralling.  If there was any justice in this world, VETO would be on the ascent all over the world, they sound that damn good.  16 Colors is a dark record, but a beautifully constructed one as well.  Are there any drawbacks?  To be honest, the only one I can think is that they leave you wanting more.  Also, I think the track order could have been re-arranged, but that is just nit-picking. If you can, purchase it now!

9.5 out of ten - Almost perfect, almost.....

Top track - 16 Colors

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