19 July 2015

Lords of Bastard - I'm Fun E.P.

To quote Primus - here the come..... They are back! Lords of Bastard have returned with their first release since the brilliant 'Cuddles' (Cleverly linked here) from 2012 (which I reviewed in 2013 as the blog did not start until the arse end of 2012).  I first heard these men from Scotland with their self titled release (also cleverly linked here) and they came across as a brilliant cross between the soundtrack of horror film from the 70's which was made in Continental Europe. crossed with a slab of stoner rock/psychedelic noise.  Now it has been three years since 'Cuddles' was released onto the world and I have been wondering every now and then if there was gonna be another release; thankfully, we have it here in the form of 'I'm Fun', well let us find out how fun it is

Starting with feedback, “Feel the Woosh” is a step to the side in a way for Lord of Bastards; there is a sound which could either be an organ, a keyboard or a strange guitar effect in with the sludge/amplifier worship – whatever it is, the net result is crushing.  It had a mixture of modern day Opeth, Sabbath, The Mars Volta and Dog Fashion Disco – all crushed together with a psychedelic background.  That opening riff can be felt through your bones and the guitar plucking over the top sends chills down your spine; so perverse that it becomes right.  “Enter the Woo-Tang” is another slice of prog influence sludge from these men from north of the Border; it is mixed with a Goblin feeling of despair and horror with their own charming twist on the subject.  I like the progression (for want of a better word) in the sound on this number, you can hear the passion of the band and it makes for a sound that is both rich and complex - something the band have never really been lacking in any case.  The penultimate track (too soon, too soon I say!!!) is called “The Old "Reflection In The Bathroom Mirror" Trick (Y2K Remix)” goes full Dog Fashion Disco in terms of crazy and beautiful odd time signatures (also with a hint of Zappa for these ears) and goes all over the shop from feedback to prog-lunacy and a riff that could crave a statue out of a mountain.  It is all over the shop and crazy, I love it and it is this sort of madness that makes my musical world a much happier (and slightly deranged) place.  If you get the EP, get it for this track alone – one of the songs of the year, let alone the song of the EP.  But it is not the last song of this EP, that honour falls to “Fucking Hell (Twirly Mix)” and it ends the album with a off-kilt rock feeling that mixes the prog and sludge in a perfect cocktail to send the listener to the end of this release happy, but desperate for more.  The change in pace throughout the song is perfectly timed and gives the song an edge that some bands just never really obtain – I am also sure I heard a shifty GN’RS riff at the end, those cheeky Scottish scamps.

I cannot say I am surprised that I like this release, the biggest surprise is how they have taken there already beautiful sound and improved it.  As I stated before, I like the progression of the sound throughout the EP, it is a step up from their brilliant previous releases (which are still awesome and please check them out) and goes in a direction to who-knows-where and further off the beat path.  Obviously I am sitting here wanting more, but that is something which the band address in the press release with the EP - and I quote - Lords have been super busy since their last release, but ultimately, too poor and lazy to record a proper album, so please stop moaning. Don’t worry though; this  tantalising morsel is just to whet your appetites before the next mind altering album.  So that is us told then.   But seriously, get a copy of this EP; it is fucking awesome and it does whet the appetite for the next release perfectly.

5 out of five - I wish I had extra ears to love this more

Top track - The Old "Reflection In The Bathroom Mirror" Trick (Y2K Remix)

You can can purchase the album from Amazon here

You can also purchase it from their Bandcamp page here (a much better idea if you ask me)

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You can stream the EP on Spotify here

You can stream the EP on Deezer here

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